Ivy Grange Farm Yurts

Environmentally Conscious: Ivy Grange Farm Yurts

It is so great when you find businesses that are environmentally conscious and wholeheartedly believe that sustainability is essential!  If glamping (luxury camping) is your thing, let me tell you about Ivy Grange Farm Yurts.

 The yurts

There are four yurts and a shepherds hut available for your glamping holidays or weekends.  It is a great way to experience the country and nature without giving up much comfort.  They try to provide guests with many things, so you don’t have to pack so much – just food, clothes, and the essentials.


Eco-Friendly Environment

Even in luxury camping, you get to see natural wildlife!  The owners encourage animals on their farm by providing habitats for them.  You’ll spot different types of birds, maybe see a rabbit hopping across, or a deer galloping from afar.

Dead Hedge
dead hedge at Ivy Grange Farm Yurts

Hedges are built using branches and twigs from their coppiced willow trees that grow on their property.  The fences are perfect for wildlife, especially for birds, small animals, and insects.  This shelter protects them from predators, wind, and rain.


When walking around, you may spot a few log piles.  The woods shelter stoats (they are in the weasel family, and they look similar).  They hunt for hares, rabbits, and small rodents such as mice, voles,  and shrews.

Here is an old English joke I learned about stoats and weasels:

What is the difference between a weasel and a stoat?

Answer: A weasel is weasily recognized, and a stoat is stoatally different!

The pile of wood not only offers shelter to stoats but newts also.  Newts tend to like dark and slightly wet environments.


Bird Houses

blue tit birdhouse at Ivy Grange Farm Yurts


Scattered around the farm, you’ll see different kind birdhouses among the trees.  These are nesting places for robins, blue tits, owls, and even bats!  Pictured above is a nesting box for blue tits.





Sustainability is vital to the owners. Thier goal is to reduce their carbon footprint to better the environment.  They have solar panels to heat their water and use as electricity. A wood-burning broiler also helps heat water so you can enjoy a warm shower.  You’ll even notice barrels around the area.  They collect rainwater to water the plants and help keep the ponds fresh.


Herbs and Veggies for you to use!

food garden at Ivy Grange Farm Yurts

You’ll have plenty of fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits to add to your cooking at Ivy Grange Farm Yurts!  Take your pick from basil, rosemary, sage, oregano, tomatoes, salad leaves, blackberries, onions, and so much more.

As a side note: These will also be great for freshly baked pizza coming straight from their pizza oven! And they have the ingredients and instructions to make pizza dough.


They compost all types of food except for meat and fish (because that would attract a lot of pests to the pile).  When there, ask for a container to use for food scraps and merely put the discarded food in there instead of the trash bin.  Other than food, they do compost leaves and other organic materials for the use of their farm.

Reducing the use of plastic

They are aware of the environmental impact of plastic. The owners do ask guests to try to avoid plastic (especially plastic water bottles).  This year they are investing in filtered water for those guests who prefer it.


Do you have a favorite getaway place that practices sustainability?


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