Kitchen Ideas: 5 Things to Replace for Starting Zero Waste Home

Here are some kitchen ideas to help reduce kitchen waste.

Starting zero waste/low waste lifestyle is not complicated.  It doesn’t have to cost much at all!  Let’s start with your kitchen.  It’s easier to start at home since you have control of what goes in and out of your home.


5 Things to Replace in Your Kitchen

1. Paper towels

Replace paper towels with kitchen cloth towels.  When it comes to spills and messes, kitchen towels are just as easy to reach.  Once done with the cloth, toss them in a bucket to wash for later.

You don’t even have to spend money on new kitchen cloth towels.  If you have old worn out tees, bed sheets, towels, cut those up and use them to clean the mess in your kitchen!

2.  Scrub pads

So these dirty things found in your kitchen need to be replaced often.  Replace your scrub pads with ones that can be composted rather than thrown in the landfill.  It is an easy earth-friendly change.  You can purchase them online here and here.

You can also purchase a 100% copper scrubber for those pots and pans that need extra effort.  And it is machine washable and recyclable.

3.  Plastic clingy wraps

Beeswax food wrap can replace a plastic food wrap.  It is reusable and easily wipes clean with cold water and soap.

Another excellent idea is storing food in glass jars.  There is no need to purchase new ones.  You can buy used ones in thrift stores or upcycle jars you already have (i.e., pickle jars, glass jam jars, etc.)


4. Sandwich bags

You can use beeswax food wrap or a cloth napkin to wrap your sandwich.  Or if you have a small produce bag, that will work as well.

I used sandwich bags to hold small item together and stay organized in my drawers.  Start collecting glass jars of all sizes.  Jars are a great way to keep things organized, and it also makes a pretty display.

Another kitchen organization idea is to put those old plastic containers to use!  Reuse what you have.  It saves natural resources and money.



5.  Paper Napkins

Replace paper napkins for cloth napkins.  Cloth napkins will make mealtime feel fancier while reducing the amount of waste.





Save Money with Reusable Items

The bonus of using reusable things for your kitchen is saving money in the long run.  Purchasing disposable kitchen items may not be that expensive, but when you add up the purchase in a year, it’s quite a savings.