Sun Protection: Sunscreen, Clothing, and Shade

Now that summer is here….sunscreens are on our mind. You may be seeing lots of “reef safe” sunscreen, what are they?

In 2018, Hawaii and Palau banned selling sunscreens with two types of chemical commonly found in sunscreen ingredients: oxybenzone and octinoxate.  The research revealed that oxybenzone and octinoxate greatly affect the health of our coral reefs. Those sunscreen ingredients seep into the water and are absorbed by coral causing coral bleaching.  They weaken

Not all sunscreen will state “reef safe” on them, so be sure to read the ingredients.  Some reef-safe sunscreens are:

Another way to stay safe from sun rays is to cover up!  Clothing protects you from harmful UV rays. How easy is that? When you’re not in the water cover up with a shirt.  A long-sleeved shirt is better than a short-sleeved shirt.  But if you go for the latter, be sure to wear sunblock.

Sunglasses protect your eyes.  Be sure they are UV blocking shades.

Wide brim hat. You don’t need super wide hats.  Three inches will do.  There are so many styles and colors that this would be a great accessory while getting sun protection.

Beach tents are also a great way to protect yourself from sun exposure.  It helps provide protection from the sun and wind when spending all day at the beach.

Take away from this: there are many options to protect yourself from UV ray that are environmentally friendly and low waste.